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Do you have a business?
Do you have a telephone number?
Do you have a cell phone number?
Do you have an email address?

Well then, Why do you not have a Website?

1st Connect website design services is the solution.

Website development in 5 days!


 ls it worth having a website if l have a social media page?

A website builds credibility! Most people would trust a website over something that is only on social media. A website also helps potential customers find you by the products and services you provide, rather than directly searching by your name on social media and provides much more than a social media page can. A website showcases your products and services. If you have an e-commerce site you can sell online, add pictures, product descriptions, stock levels, product uses and related products. 

Reach your customer 365 days a year.

A website can build your reputation, and loyalty with clients and turn potential customers into clients, whether local or international



Domain Registration
customer to clients
Potential customer into clients


Domain Registration, Website Hosting and Website Design

Developing With a Passion While Meeting Requirements.

A website provides your business a 24 hour 365 days a year shopping window to the world. It will enhance your business with both your existing clients and attract potential customers. A website can cut business marketing costs. Many small businesses who don’t have a website still rely on flyers or adverts however these methods of advertising are often quite expensive and not even targeted. Websites cost much less than they have in the past and give you a wider reach than regular advertising. 

Your website can give you the edge over your competitors and it provides your customers and potential customers with a better understanding of your business, its services and its products. Every marketing campaign should first be live on your website landing page so that what is written on your flyers, or in videos, or brochures can lead them to your website.

Showcase your products and services or  create an e-commerce site to sell online.

Be found on the web

What Services I'm Providing

Domain Registration, Website Hosting and Website Design

Domain Registration

Your domain name is your online presence, the identity of your business.

From R 150.00


Month to month Hosting of your  website domain and email accounts.

From R 99.00 p/m

Web Development

WordPress content management system (CMS) website development

From R 2000.00

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